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Recycled Polypropylene (PP Regrind)

Discovered in 1954, polypropylene generally offers a number of improvements over polyethylene in such areas as stiffness, strength and temperature capability.


Other features of both PP regrind and virgin polyethylene include:

  • Good processability
  • High flow
  • Good impact resistance

One of the lightest plastics (with a 0.905 g/cm3 density), polypropylene is available from Indiana Polymers in three different types:

  • Homopolymers
  • Impact (block) copolymers
  • Random copolymers

With varying properties based on molecular weight, method of production, and the selected copolymers, polypropylene is appropriate for a wide variety of applications, such as:

  • Appliances
  • Electrical/Electronic components
  • Automotive Interior Parts
  • Film
  • Containers
  • Packaging

Our recycled PP can replace virgin material in a variety of applications.


We buy and sell regrind polypropylene, and our customers know they can rely on Indiana Polymers to deliver quality material.

Contact us now to put our extensive expertise and supplier network to work for you.

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